Breastfeeding is perfectly legal in most public places in Massachusetts.

Under Mass. General Law chapter 111, section 221, it says:
“A mother may breastfeed her child in any public place where the mother and her child may otherwise lawfully be present.” No person or entity shall “restrict, harass or penalize a mother” who is breastfeeding her child. A civil action may be brought by a mother subjected to such harassment, and the court may award damages up to $500 and reasonable attorney fees. If someone is giving you a hard time, just show them your “License to Breastfeed” which informs them of your right to breastfeed.

License to Breastfeed Printable Card


Order your License to Breastfeed

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To file a complaint related to breastfeeding discrimination, contact the Civil Rights
Division of the Attorney General’s office:

617-727-2200 extension 2474.

You can also contact the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination:

Boston Office
 (617) 994-6000
Springfield Office
 (413) 739-2145
Worcester Office
 (508) 453-9630



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