Schedule A Presentation

Have an event? Want to create an event? We can come to you!

MBC and its members are the experts in breastfeeding advocacy and support. Do you have questions about breastfeeding? Want to become a community advocate? Want to appeal to breastfeeding families?

Invite us in!

We can:

  1. Bring our table displays and breastfeeding handouts/swag for table top displays at events and meetings.
  2. Perform a one hour presentation on a breastfeeding-related topic

Examples: breastfeeding benefits, breastfeeding equality, provider breastfeeding training/support, workplace support for breastfeeding, public breastfeeding topics, family breastfeeding support/education, etc.

  1. Consult on breastfeeding topics, issues and support planning
  2. Create a breastfeeding advocacy event


*We are a Not-For Profit Company staffed by volunteers, fees may apply. These funds will further help to support breastfeeding advocacy and education!



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