Workplace Breastfeeding Empowerment Initiative

The Massachusetts Breastfeeding Coalition is launching an exciting new initiative focused on prenatal breastfeeding education in workplaces throughout the Commonwealth.

Breastfeeding supports maternal and infant health. But workplaces don’t make it easy, especially for low-income and hourly workers who already face significant health disparities. Recent infant formula recalls and shortages have added to family stress—and have increased awareness of the community’s responsibility to help vulnerable families. Businesses are beginning to recognize the urgent need to retain and support their valued workers through enhanced education and family services.

woman in workplace with breast pump
Photo: United States Breastfeeding Committee

The Massachusetts Breastfeeding Coalition is here to help. We are offering:

  • Resources to help businesses improve support for and access to prenatal breastfeeding preparation in the workplace.
  • In-person and virtual prenatal breastfeeding classes provided by employers with the assistance of our Coalition.
  • Resources for both birthing people and workplaces to help connect new parents to appropriate breastfeeding and pumping support systems.
woman filing with baby in workplace
Photo: United States Breastfeeding Committee

Help us launch our program!

Your donation could help a struggling family in your neighborhood.


Contact us to learn how to take part in this program. We look forward to partnering with you.