Public policy strongly influences breastfeeding success

Too many women struggle with roadblocks to breastfeeding success. These obstacles can be addressed with legislation, policy, regulations, by writing to insurance companies and hospitals, and by working directly with employers and hospitals.

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In current culture, social media can be a significant and influential source of information on parenting, child and maternal health, child birth, and of course breastfeeding. The Massachusetts Breastfeeding Coalition strives to provide the public with exciting and evidenced based information.

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Key Issues

Support Nursing Families in the Workplace

Having to return to work too early is a major reason mothers stop breastfeeding before they are ready. Learning the benefits of supporting parents in the workplace, and how to advocate for nursing moms, is essential in breastfeeding advocacy.

Advocate for Breastfeeding in the Community

For breastfeeding babies it is normal to have an irregular feeding schedule and even feed every two hours. Supporting moms wherever and whenever they need to feed their babies can make the difference in breastfeeding success and in maternal mental health. .

Barriers to Breastfeeding are a public health issue

Increasing breastfeeding advocacy that effectively targets the issues of healthcare systems, community structures, and big business can make breastfeeding messages more convincing. As a breastfeeding advocate it is possible to support individual feeding choices while targeting the things that get in the way of families meeting breastfeeding goals.