The Massachusetts Breastfeeding Coalition* (MBC) has served breastfeeding families in Massachusetts for over 20 years.

Public health begins with breastfeeding and MBC is dedicated to protecting, promoting and supporting the efforts of breastfeeding initiatives and organizations across the commonwealth; with the relaunch of our beautiful new website we also have a brand new set of initiatives to meet the needs of breastfeeding families.

To help MBC continue as leading breastfeeding organization on both the state and national level, we’re aiming to raise $7,000.

As part of the 2019 MBC relaunch, we are hosting a fundraising event called the ‘Giving Tree of MBC’.

As an official corporate sponsor you/your business would provide $500.00 or more, and in turn we would promote your company and/or logo as our website’s official sponsor on the Giving Tree of MBC (see image above). Each year, hundreds of thousands of community members, businesses, and healthcare practitioners visit the MBC website. Alternatively, you/your business could provide $7,000.00 in your role as a lead sponsor and be featured as a ‘Milky Way’ Supporter on the main page of the MBC website.

With you by our side at the MBC branding and website relaunch, we’re sure to achieve this season’s fundraising goal and continue to protect, promote and support breastfeeding. Please see list of activities below outlining how your support would help us to fill the gaps in breastfeeding care and advocacy across Massachusetts.

If you are interested in being an official website sponsor, please reach out to us at We can’t wait to hear from you!

Examples of Massachusetts Breastfeeding Coalition Advocacy Efforts:

Monthly MBC meetings occur in a variety of locations around the state in order to offer support to breastfeeding leaders all across o the state.

MBC sponsors a campaign to recognize retail businesses and public agencies in Massachusetts who are “Breastfeeding-Friendly” and who welcome breastfeeding mothers and babies in their establishments. Businesses who are nominated are awarded a certificate and decal each fall during our annual conference.

MBC supports the Massachusetts Baby-Friendly Collaborative. The focus of this working group is to make improvements in patient care to promote exclusive breastfeeding in the hospital.

MBC has provided funding and support for programs through the Vital Village Network which focuses on increasing access to breastfeeding training and care for underserved communities.

MBC’s annual Breastfeeding in the Bay State Conference sells out to over 200 healthcare professionals each year. This conference provides culturally diverse and evidenced based breastfeeding education. MBC plays a role in all state and federal breastfeeding legislation to support public healthcare as well as breastfeeding support for families and employers in the workplace.

Annually, MBC holds strong representation at the United States Breastfeeding Committee conference playing a key role in the national breastfeeding scene.

MBC develops and maintains a phone application and education materials that assists health care providers support and promote breastfeeding.

MBC created and continues to grow a national service called ZipMilk. ZipMilk is a website that connects healthcare providers, families, and lactation professionals. Families and healthcare providers can use ZipMilk to find appropriate breastfeeding help/counseling and improve breastfeeding outcomes.

There are so many exciting things happening in the breastfeeding world, MBC needs YOU so that Massachusetts can continue to lead the way!

* MBC is an IRS Recognized 501(c)(3) organization

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