Regional IBCLC with family at WIC office
By Moryn Mendoza, MA, IBCLC Did you know that WIC participants in Massachusetts have access to […]
ZipMilk National Director with 5 kids
Hi Brittany! You’re the National Director of ZipMilk. What is ZipMilk? ZipMilk provides access to lactation […]
prematurity - mom and baby in NICU
By Naomi Bromberg Bar-Yam, PhD Massachusetts Breastfeeding Coalition’s three pillars—advocate, educate, collaborate—apply to our work everywhere, […]
JUNE 19, 2020 As a community, the Massachusetts Breastfeeding Coalition (MBC) feels compelled to take a […]
The following breastfeeding consultation services are available from breastfeeding experts in MA through Telehealth services. Some […]
COVID-19 and Breastfeeding
In these times of ever-changing information and in-the-moment decisions, we are turning to the recommendations from […]
The Massachusetts Breastfeeding Coalition* (MBC) has served breastfeeding families in Massachusetts for over 20 years. Public […]
We have a problem on our hands people. This problem is putting our moms and babies […]
Schedule A Presentation Have an event? Want to create an event? We can come to you! […]
Breastfeeding-Friendly Business Report And the Award Goes to! The Massachusetts Breastfeeding Coalition would like to recognize […]
Effective April 1st, 2018,  the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, employers (with six or more employees) are […]
Public policy strongly influences breastfeeding success Too many women struggle with barriers to breastfeeding success. These […]