Massachusetts Breastfeeding Coalition


Find local breastfeeding resources

Search for lactation consultants, support groups, and breastfeeding counselors in your community and print out custom listings for each zip code using ZipMilk, our Breastfeeding Resource Locator.

MBC Slide Presentation

Have an MBC member come to your Massachusetts hospital or office and give a 60 minute educational presentation on breastfeeding. Cost is $25. Contact us.


Information at your fingertips

The Massachusetts Breastfeeding Resource Guide is distributed annually to more than 1000 health care providers in the Commonwealth. Browse through the printable PDF copy here, or order a copy for your organization. We are unable at this time to distribute copies outside the U.S.

Other resources

We hope you find this list of other breastfeeding resources useful. Please contact us if you have any changes to suggest or corrections to make.

Local Massachusetts breastfeeding coalitions

Workplace resources

Please visit our collection of resources on breastfeeding in the workplace on our new Workplace page.

Other resources