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The Warm Chain (YouTube) 9:46—Explains the WHO guidelines to prevent hypothermia of the newborn and all its complications. The importance of skin-to-skin contact, keeping moms and babies together, and delaying baths and exams.

The Baby Friendly Rap (YouTube) 3:42—Humorous music video that succinctly explains why traditional hospital practices can undermine breastfeeding and how the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative can avoid common pitfalls and promote successful breastfeeding

Embarrassed– (3:37)- Hollie McNish performs her impassioned poem defending breastfeeding in public, “the best defense of breastfeeding in public ever.”



A perfect latch (18:57)

From Stanford University Newborn Nursery resources (Jane Morton)


Hand expression and breast massage– Hand expression gives brand new moms confidence that they have enough milk and can be vital for infants who are having trouble with suck. Teaching hand expression may improve a hospital’s exclusive breastfeeding rates. Breast massage with hand expression can help with milk supply and other common breastfeeding issues.

The Basics of Breast Massage and Hand Expression (4:37)
Courtesy of Ann Witt and Maya Bolman
“You may use our video for educational purposes and not in any context that violates the WHO International Code on the Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes. The video should not be edited.”
Hand expression (7:33)

From Stanford University Newborn Nursery resources (Jane Morton)


Treatment for tongue-tie (frenotomy)

Frenotomy from Stanford University Newborn Nursery resources (Jane Morton)


Paced bottle-feeding– When giving breast milk or formula in a bottle is important to mimic how an infant would naturally feed at the breast, with pauses and slower flow of milk. This may help prevent obesity and overfeeding.

Paced bottle-feeding (5:47)