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Breastfeeding is a women’s health issue

In the first study ever to combine maternal and pediatric health outcomes from breastfeeding in a single model, Harvard researcher Dr. Melissa Bartick and colleagues published a new study showing that most of the impact from optimal breastfeeding the US in on maternal health.

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Skin to Skin & 8 or More in 24 buttons now available!

An easy way to start a conversation with new families! Order Now. Continue reading

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“Breastfeed Anytime Anywhere” campaign!

(Atlanta, GA and Weston, MA) —ROSE and the Massachusetts Breastfeeding Coalition have launched an exciting social marketing campaign aimed at normalizing breastfeeding in public among African American women. Continue reading

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Breastfeeding support and help– what it all means

There are many different types of breastfeeding support, with an “alphabet soup” of different credentials. Our table shows all these different support available to help moms and babies, and what the different qualifications mean.
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A Tale of Two Births

The info behind the Baby-Friendly Rap
Introducing the Baby-Friendly Rap! Watch our music video, and see why breastfeeding goes much better at a Baby-Friendly Hospital. Learn more, and download the mp3.
The Rap is a co-production of Mass. Breastfeeding Coalition and the Breastfeeding  

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