Massachusetts Breastfeeding Coalition

Tips for contacting elected officials

Consider the Following:
  • Put it on paper: An email or phone call is good; snail mail or a fax is better. It shows you took the time to present your concerns in a formal way.
  • Make it formal: Address the official by the formal title: “Dear Senator Jones” or “Dear Governor Smith” and be sure to include your return address.
  • Introduce yourself: Start by sharing who you are and what you are. Tell them that you’re a constituent (if you are), and remind them of any personal connection (did you vote for them? Donate to a campaign? Know them personally?)
  • Share your story: Where possible, include a short statement about why the bill affects you personally, including any personal experience. Don’t be shy about sharing your expertise in a calm, firm, professional manner.
  • Be specific: If you’re writing about a specific piece of legislation, include the bill number. A bill number will start with “H” or “HR” for House, and “S” for Senate, followed by a number.
  • Short and sweet: Pick only 2 or 3 of your strongest points, and then expand on those. Letters should be concise and to the point, and no more than one page.