Action Alert: Contact Your Legislators to Co-Sponsor Pump Bill

Mass State House - call your legislators

A new bill, An act improving access to breast pumps, has been introduced to the Massachusetts legislature. The bill mandates insurance coverage for multi-user double pumps, supplies, and lactation consultant consultation for preterm and other vulnerable babies.

Massachusetts Breastfeeding Coalition and others will be advocating for passage of this bill. We will offer guidance, updates, and calls to action throughout the process.

The first step is to contact your legislators in both houses by March 27 and ask them to co-sponsor the bill. Early and strong sponsorship shows legislators and concerned citizens that this bill has wide support, which will impact its success in hearings and in the final vote.

Our voices matter. We can impact babies and families throughout Massachusetts and beyond. Join us.

Text and status of bills

The two bills are identical and will be considered together.

Senate Bill S.600, An act improving access to breast pumps

House Bill H.967, An act improving access to breast pumps

Contact your legislators

It’s easy to contact your state senator and state representative. They want to hear from constituents. Get their contact information on the state website, then email or call them. Not sure what to say? Download our template for suggested text and copy it into an email. We recommend you cc our Advocacy Committee so we know which legislators have been contacted. You can also share our one-page information sheet.

Find your state legislators

Sample letter template

One-page information sheet

Learn more

Wondering what to expect as these bills progress? Read our blog about the legislative process.


Contact the Advocacy Committee of the Massachusetts Breastfeeding Coalition.

Thank you for making a difference for Massachusetts families!

This blog last updated on 3/13/23.

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