Holyoke Medical Center is now Baby-Friendly: Part of a turning tide

Holyoke Medical Center has earned the prestigious international Baby-Friendly Hospital designation this month, becoming Massachusetts’ seventh Baby-Friendly facility.
1999   Boston Medical Center (re designated 2014-2019)
2009   Cambridge Birth Center (re designated 2014-2019)
2011   Tobey Hospital
2012   Melrose-Wakefield Hospital
2013   Fairview Hospital
2013   Good Samaritan Hospital
2015   Holyoke Medical Center

Of the 41 remaining facilities that are not already Baby-Friendly, over twenty are officially on the Baby-Friendly pathway. Massachusetts now has universal participation in the Massachusetts Baby-Friendly Collaborative and in the Massachusetts Mother-Baby Summits, both of which started in 2008. Both have been important collaborative drivers to improve evidence-based practices around infant feeding in the state.

Massachusetts has seen tremendous growth in breastfeeding rates from 2009 to 2012, the most recent birth cohort measured by the CDC. While initiation went from 82 to 86%, exclusivity at 3 months jumped from 41 to 50%, and exclusivity at 6 months jumped from 17 to 26%.

Congratulations to Holyoke Medical Center!Holyoke baby-friendly small